I am a PhD candidate in Economics at London Business School.

My research fields are macroeconomics and financial economics. I am also interested in monetary economics, asset pricing, and cybersecurity.

In October 2021 I will join All Souls College, University of Oxford, as a postdoctoral research fellow.

Email:   rjamilov@london.edu

CV:       April 2021

Media:  Google Scholar    LinkedIn    Twitter

Working Papers

1. A Macroeconomic Model with Heterogeneous Banks -   Paper    UniCredit WP    [April 2021]

Winner of the UniCredit Foundation Award for the Best Economics Job Market Paper   Link

AQR Asset Management Institute Fellowship Award

2. Credit Market Power: Branch-level Evidence from the Great Financial Crisis - Paper    [November 2020]

3. Granular Credit Risk -  Paper   CEPR   NBER   Norges Bank    [October 2020]

- with Sigurd Galaasen, Ragnar Juelsrud and Hélène Rey

- Media Coverage: Finansavisen (in Norwegian)

4. Bewley Banks - Paper   CEPR    [February 2021]

- with Tommaso Monacelli

5. The Cross-Section of Risk-Taking and Asset Prices - Paper    [September 2019]

- with Nuno Coimbra and Hélène Rey

Work in Progress

6. The Anatomy of Cyber Risk [Draft Coming Soon]

- with Hélène Rey and Ahmed Tahoun

- Video with Wheeler Institute for Business and Development - Link

7. Supply-Side Reforms, Demand-Side Effects

- with Plamen Nenov and Alp Simsek


- with Tommaso Monacelli

9. Bank Runs with Heterogeneous Intermediaries