I am a PhD candidate in Economics at London Business School.

My research fields are macroeconomics and financial intermediation. I am also interested in cybersecurity and climate finance.

Email:   rjamilov@london.edu

CV:       Curriculum Vitae

Media:  Google Scholar    LinkedIn

Personal News

I will be visiting Princeton University as a Visiting Student Research Collaborator in 2021


Received the AQR Asset Management Institute Fellowship Award   Link


Invited to attend the 7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences      Link

Working Papers

1. Credit Market Power: Theory and Evidence from the Great Financial Crisis - Paper

- Job Market Paper. First Version: March 2020

- Presentations: Junior VMACS Conference, EEA 2020, EFA 2020, ES Winter 2020, AEA 2021, LBS

2. Granular Credit Risk -  Paper   CEPR   NBER

- with Sigurd Galaasen, Ragnar Juelsrud, Hélène Rey. First Version: September 2019

- Presentations: CEPR/ERC Conference on Granularity and Applications, EEA 2020, LBS, Norges Bank, Statistics Norway, Zurich


3. Bewley Banks - Paper   CEPR

- with Tommaso Monacelli. First Version: October 2020


4. The Cross-Section of Risk-Taking and Asset Prices - Paper

- with Nuno Coimbra, Hélène Rey. First version: September 2019

- Presentations: EFA 2019

Work in Progress

5. The Anatomy of Cyber Risk [Draft Coming Soon]

- with Hélène Rey and Ahmed Tahoun

- Presentations: AFA 2021, Video with Wheeler Institute for Business and Development - Link


6. When Supply-Side Reforms Have Demand-Side Effects

- with Plamen Nenov and Alp Simsek


- with Tommaso Monacelli


8. Targeted Bank Runs